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Additive4 | Experts in Additive Manufacturing

We help business to improve their products through the use of the expanded design freedom that Additive Manufacturing provides. At Additive4 we support companies to open up Additive Manufacturing supply chains and in house metal Additive Manufacturing capability. We allow businesses to create new revenue streams and product lines via our advanced rapid prototyping capabilities.  But most of our customers use us to gain the advantage that Additive Manufacturing brings them from a strategy and promotion point of view, allowing businesses to gain a market advantage.


We provide Additive Manufacturing consultancy to the Aerospace and Defence industry to help them create better products that improve performance, reduce weight and reduce lead times. At Additive4 we provide design, redesign, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and supply chain services. Our team of rapid manufacturing experts will support you to embrace the 3D printing process, opening the door to improved products that consistently deliver. It is our development of Additive technology into full production quality manufacturing that allows for Additive Manufacturing to be a new engineering solution and revenue stream.


We are the partner of choice as we have been supplying Additive Manufacturing components and sub assembles into the Aerospace and Defence market longer than anyone else and have the pedigree and skills to allow our clients to take advantage of this. We work with your business to maximise the returns from Additive Manufacturing and allow your customer base to benefit from the next generation of manufactured designs and products. Show your customers that you are embracing Industry 4.0 and ready to support their journey into Additive today. Increase your design freedom, manufacturing speed and reduce your costs via Additive Manufacturing with Additive4.

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