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About Additive4

At the core of Additive4 is a deep skill set fixed around Additive Manufacturing and the design freedoms that this brings to your business, your customers and the Aerospace and Defence market as a whole. We have over 15 years’ experience of designing, redesigning, manufacturing, and supplying metal Additive parts into the Aerospace and Defence industry. However it is our skills set to maximise Additive Manufacturing from a strategic and market point of view that gives us the edge. As a business we are passionate about solving profitable, complex problems that allow for the continued supply of Additive Manufacturing into the Aerospace and Defence market.


With a team of design engineers, sales and marketing experts, manufacturing engineers and supply chain professionals we are fully equipped to understand where a client can maximise value in Industry 4.0, as well as how to create products that suit the process and benefit the customer, with lighter, quicker to manufacture and better performing products. At Additive4 we know that not every client’s business and product range is suited to the Additive Manufacturing process, or can use the process in a profitable way. But we have the skills to assess, design/redesign, manufacture and provide a complete supply chain solution through either outsourced or in-house production, making us the partner of choice for Additive Manufacturing.


At Additive4 we understand the challenges of qualification and validation within the Aerospace and Defence market, and the long lead times required to get on to both commercial and military platforms. But it is from this position of strength that most customers benefit as we know how to reduce the time to market as well increase the chance of success. We do not work from a theatrical base; we work from our profound experience base, gained from introducing a number of Aerospace and Defence primes to the benefits of rapid prototyping and expert direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), all over the word.

Most clients start their journey with us either by taking an existing product and redesigning it for the benefits of Additive Manufacturing, or taking a design concept and creating an Additive Design that is reliable and effective. Either way you get the benefit of a new design that can be manufactured via an Additive process at the right unit cost, as well as an insight into how this was achieved in the most time effective way. At Additive4 we understand the challenges posed by metal additive manufacturing, and the route to success, as well as the rewards when completed successfully.   

Meet the Additive4 Team

Additive4, Additive Manufacturing, Quality Additive Components, 3D printing, risen parts, grown parts, Additive mannufacturing UK
Christian Wenczka

Commercial Director & Founder

Christian is an experienced business leader with over 10 years in senior positions in the Aerospace industry. His journey with Additive Manufacturing started in 2008 with a R&D project for a major aerospace OEM. This has lead to an indepth knowledge of the commerical space of metal Additive Manufacturing from design and development, through to profitable serial supply of parts world wide.

Additive4, Additive Manufacturing, Quality Additive Components, 3D printing, risen parts, grown parts, Additive mannufacturing UK
Jan Niklewicz

Engineering Director & Founder

Jan is a masters educated chief engineer with a pedigree within the Aerospace and Defence industry. Jan has lead over 100 Additive Manufacturing projects for some of the major primes around the world. With a strong background in design and development, Jan provides the engineering solutions that clients require to maximise the benefits of  Additive Manufacturing.

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