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At Additive4 we specialise in the design/redesign, manufacture and supply chain of metal Additive parts into the Aerospace and Defence industry. We help clients to reduce weight, improve performance and reduce costs of key Aerospace and Defence parts. We support our clients to fully understand the 3D metal printing process and take the time to review the many different additive technologies available to us. With over 15 years of combined experience in designing and supplying Aerospace and Defence parts all over the world we know what best suits Additive Manufacturing and how to maximise the return from the technology.


As a full service Additive Manufacturing consultancy we work with clients to understand their business and their customer base to make sure that metal Additive Manufacturing is the right path for them. Additive4’s deep experience of designing and redesigning metal Additive parts, and delivery record of thousands of Aerospace quality parts to multiple airframes makes us the ideal development partner.


We enable our clients to align their marketing plan and customer expectations so that Additive Manufacturing is a viable alternative. We then support clients to either design from scratch or redesign from existing, to allow for their designs to maximise the benefits from Additive Manufacturing. This includes the testing and validation processes needed for any change of design within the Aerospace and Defence market. To close out the project we either support clients to set up full scale metal Additive Manufacturing in house or use our pre-qualified and approved supply chain to deliver parts in volume to ensure constant supply.

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